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Dr DisRespect (real name Guy Beahm) is a popular American streamer and Youtuber born in march 10th 1982. Dr DisRespect is one of the most popular Player unknown battlegrounds players in the world and is infamous for his iconic look which includes a mustache, headset, Wig and sunglasses. In addition to his thriving online empire Dr Disrespect has recently won the 2017 game award for the most trending gamer.

Dr DisRespect's Gear




Zowie ZA11


Corsair Gaming MM300


Corsair K70 Lux


Astro A40 TR

Mouse Settings

DPI: 400 Targeting Sensitivity: 45
EDPI: 2200 ADS Sensitivity: 46
Polling Rate: 1000Hz 2X Scope Sensitivity: 47
Windows sensitivity: 6 4X Scope Sensitivity: 48
General Sensitivity: 55 8X Scope Sensitivity: 49
Vehicle Driver Sensitivity: 50 15X Scope Sensitivity: 50

Display Settings

Display Mode: Fullscreen
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
FPS Camera FOV: 103
Brightness: 75

Equipment Analysis

Dr DisRespect’s Mouse – Dr DisRespect insane PUBG skills can be attributed to 1000’s of hours of playing the game and to his great taste in gear. Dr DisRespect is using the Zowie ZA11 which is considered by many as one of the best gaming mice for fast paced shooters such as PUBG or CS:GO. The Z11A was designed with left and right handed users in mind and from our testing it is one of the best PUBG mice out there.

Dr DisRespect’s Mousepad – Corsair is a hardware giant and has recently started manufacturing mouse pads. We have used the Corsair MM300 for quite some time now and can tell you it is one of the best gaming mouse pads in the world! Dr DisRespect’s decision to use this pad doesn’t surprise us at all and the combination of the ZA11 along with the MM300 allows for an enjoyable gaming experience. Highly recommended for Low DPI users who want the perfect combination between speed and control.

Dr DisRespect’s Keyboard – The K70 LUX is one of the most expensive keyboards we have ever tested. It is used by many pro gamers and is considered as one of the best mechanical keyboards in the world! The K70 Lux features Cherry MX switches, 104 key rollover and some of the most vibrant RGB lightning we have ever seen on a keyboard. In addition to the long list of features the K70 just feels great and is super comfortable for long gaming sessions and competitive play! Highly recommend for those who are willing to spend a hefty sum on their new keyboard.

Dr DisRespect’s Headset – Dr Disrespect has tweeted his new pair of ASTRO A40 saying that his sponsors at tutrle beach might no be happy with his decision. However we totally understand the docs decision as we believe Tutrle beach headsets are much better suited for consoles such as ps4 and xbox one whereas ASTRO headsets are the best choice for PC gamers. From our experience the A40 is one of ASTRO’s best headsets and it totally lives up to its name.

Dr DisRespect’s Monitor – The Doc is using the beautiful 27 inch ASUS ROG PG27AQ. As you probably already know, our personal favorite gaming monitors brands are BenQ and ASUS and the PG27AQ is definitely one of most premium products by ASUS. The PG27AQ is a 4K G-sync monitor and it features some of the most vibrant colors we have ever seen! Highly recommended for those of you who are looking for the most beautiful and vibrant gaming experience out there!


Advanced settings

Overall Quality: Custom Effects: Low
Screen Scale: 100 Foliage: Very Low
Anti-Aliasing: Very Low View Distance: Medium
Post-Processing: Very Low V-Sync: OFF
Shadows: Very Low MotionBlur: OFF
Texture: Medium    

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