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Rifler / AWPer

FaZe Clan

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Nikola “NiKo” Kovač is a professional Bosnian CS:GO player currently playing for Faze Clan. Niko has started his pro gaming career at a very young age and since then has become one of the most popular players within the Counter strike community. Niko is known for his incredible rifle aim and insane clutches.

Niko's Gear


BenQ XL2540


BenQ EC2-A


Zowie GS-R


Zowie Celeritas


Sennheiser Game Zero

Mouse Settings

DPI 400 Sensitivity 1.42
EDPI 880 Zoom sensitivity 1
Polling Rate 1000 raw input 1
Windows sensitivity 6 Acceleration 0

Video Settings

Resolution: 1280×960
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Scaling Mode: stretched
Refresh Rate: 240Hz

Equipment Analysis

Niko’s Mouse – Niko’s incredible aim can be attributed to his 1000’s of hours of experience and to his mouse. The Zowie EC2-A is one of our personal favorites and one of the best CS:GO mice you can get. It features a flawless sensor, ergonomic design (made specifically for right handed users) and an incredible build quality. We highly recommend the EC2-A to those of you who care about performance and don’t mind the rather simple design.

Niko’s Mousepad – Niko is using yet another Zowie product as his mouse-pad. The Zowie GS-R was specifically designed for  Zowie mice and we are not surprised Niko is using the EC2-A/GS-R combo. The GS-R’s high quality cloth surface and large size make it a perfect mouse pad for FPS gaming on a professional level. Highly recommended for Zowie mice owners!

Niko’s Keyboard – Niko’s keyboard of choice is the Zowie Celeritas II. This keyboard is one of Zowie’s latest keyboards and it is getting very popular among the Esports’ elite. The Zowie Celeritas II is probably the best keyboard when it comes to CS:GO and MOBA games thanks to its optical switches which prevent double key presses and misclicks. Highly recommended for FPS and MOBA players!

Niko’s Headset – Sennheiser are not a gaming focused brand but, they are known as one of the worlds best pro audio manufacturers. Sennheiser new line of gaming headsets is incredible and the Sennheiser game zero is the best sounding gaming headset we have ever tested! The microphone also puts most other gaming headsets to shame and we can’t recommend it enough!

Niko’s Monitor – As you already know BenQ are the largest gaming monitor manfacturer in the world and the XL2540 is one of their most premium products. The monitor features a 240Hz refresh rate, Black eQualizer and DyAc technologies as well as great picture quality and high adjustability. Recommended to those who are willing to spend a hefty sum on a great gaming experience.


Crosshair settings



Player's Highlights

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