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Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham is currently playing for Cloud9 as an AWPer and is considered by many as the best north american AWPer. Skadoodle first got into Esports at the young age 17 when he won his first E sports tournament playing the game “Alliance Of Valiant Arms”. Since then he has became an household name in the Counter Strike community and one of the biggest Esport stars in the world.

Skadoodle's Gear


BenQ XL2430T


Logitech G703


Logitech G640


Logitech G810


Logitech G933

Mouse Settings

DPI 400 Sensitivity 1.4
EDPI 560 Zoom sensitivity 1
Polling Rate 500 raw input 1
Windows sensitivity 6 Acceleration 0

Video Settings

Resolution: 1024 x 768
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Scaling Mode: Black Bars
Refresh Rate: 144Hz

Equipment Analysis

Skadoodle’s Mouse – Skadoodle is using the Logitech G703 to execute his breath taking AWP frags. The G703 is not as popular as Logitech’s pro gaming mouse or the G403. It is however the bigger brother of the G403 and it is a little better all around. The G703 is an excellent choice if your budget allows for it!

Skadoodle’s Mousepad – Skadoodle chose the Logitech G640 as his mousepad. As you probably already know this is one of the most popular mouse pads among pros and one of the best cloth mousepads you can find. Logitech is a very dominant force in the gaming peripherals market and almost all CS:GO pros use their products to some extent. The G640 is one of their best products to date and is a very solid mouse pad for every CS:GO player amateur or pro.

Skadoodle’s Keyboard – Skadoodle uses yet another Logitech product as his keyboard. Skadoodle chose the G810 which is one of Logitech’s most premium products, it’s one of the most popular keyboards among CS:GO pros and its known for its responsiveness, beautiful design and high build quality.

Skadoodle’s Headset – It is no surprise that Skadoodle picked another logitech product as his headset. The G933 is one of logitech’s high-end headsets. From our experience we can say that the G933 is one of the best sounding headsets in the market and we were amazed by how good the mic sounds.

Skadoodle’s Monitor –  We hate sounding like a broken record but BenQ absolutely dominates the Gaming monitor market.  And the BenQ XL2430T is probably their most popular monitor. We are not surprised Skadoodle uses this monitor and to be honest with you, we would be surprised if he didn’t use a BenQ monitor. The XL2430T is a 1080p, 144Hz monitor and it has everything a pro gamer needs.


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