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Kenny “KennyS” schrub is one of best players we have ever seen in counter strike. He is one of if not the best AWPer in the world and is recognized by many as the best french player in the world. KennyS has started playing the game at the young age of 6 and has become an household name since then. KennyS is currently playing for G2 Esports as an AWPer.

KennyS Gear


BenQ XL2540


Razer DeathAdder Elite


KennyS LE Mousepad


Logitech G810


HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro

Mouse Settings

DPI 400 Sensitivity 2.2
EDPI 880 Zoom sensitivity 1
Polling Rate 500 raw input 1
Windows sensitivity 6 Acceleration 0

Video Settings

Resolution: 1024 x 768
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Scaling Mode: Black Bars
Refresh Rate: 144Hz

Equipment Analysis

KennyS Mouse – KennyS lethal AWP skills are notorious among the Counter strike community. KennyS weapon of choice is the Deathadder Elite by Razer. The Deathadder is widely used by CS:GO professionals and is one of the best mice for AWPers in particular.

KennyS Mousepad – KennyS has recently launched a limited edition mouse pad with The pad is called “KennyS limited edition mousepad” and is used by KennyS himself.

KennyS Keyboard – KennyS is using the Logitech G810 as his keyboard. The G810 is one of the most used keyboards by professional FPS gamers in the world and is one of the few keyboards that actually beat the legendary Razer black-widow ultimate.

KennyS Headset – KennyS uses the HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro headset, HyperX which is owned by one of the worlds largest hardware companies, Kingston, which is notorious for the comfort and superior sound quality of their headsets. In our opinion the Cloud Alpha Pro is one of HyperX’s best headsets and we highly recommend them to those of you who can afford it.

KennyS Monitor – KennyS is using the BenQ ZOWIE XL2546 as his monitor of choice. We would say that 90% of professional gamers use a BenQ/Zowie monitor and highly recommend you to do the same. The XL2546 is capable of an incredible refresh rate of 240Hz which means you will be able to enjoy 240 FPS per second and actually see every frame up to that point!


Crosshair settings

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