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Brian Kephrii St. Pierre is an american Overwatch streamer and Youtuber best known for his amazing Widowmaker playing style. Before Kephrii started playing Overwatch he played LoL, WoW and was a professional Halo 5 player.

Kephrii's Gear




ROG Gladius


ROG Sheath


ROG Claymore


ROG Centurion

Mouse Settings

DPI 400 In-game Sensitivity 8
EDPI 3200 Zoom sensitivity 35
Polling Rate 1000 cm = 360 43.29
Widow’s hook 70

Video Settings

Resolution: 1920 x 1080
FOV: 103
Render Scale: 141%
Refresh Rate: 165Hz

Equipment Analysis

Kephrii’s Mouse – The ROG Gladius which is considered by many as the best gaming mouse in the world features one of the best optical sensors in the market and is the perfect mouse for playing high accuracy heros (Widowmaker, Ana). The mouse has multiple programmable buttons and is Ergonomically-designed with high focus towards FPS players.

Kephrii’s Mousepad – The ROG Sheath is ROG’s premium gaming mouse pad and is one of the best gaming mouse pads you can buy in this price category. The pad is made of high quality cloth and is ideal for FPS players seeking great speed without compromising on control.

Kephrii’s Keyboard – The Claymore is an amazing mechanical keyboard that many like to compare with the legendary Razer Black Widow. The Claymore has all the features you would expect to see in a high end mechanical keyboard like: Cherry MX switches, anti-ghosting and NKRO technology.

Kephrii’s Headset – The Centurion are one the best 7.1 Surround Sound headsets in the market today. They are extremely comfortable, their material quality and the sound is best you can get. We would highly recommend them for those of you who are on the market for a premium headset.

Kephrii’s Monitor – Like the rest of Kephrii’s setup his monitor is a premium product. The ASUS ROG SWIFT PG258Q is one of the best high-end gaming monitors in the market right now and has offers the great image quality and smoothness with an astounding 240Hz refresh rate – perfect for Overwatch and other high paced FPS games.


Crosshair settings

Type Default Center Gap 6
Show Accuracy OFF Opacity 100
Color Light Blue Outline Opacity 50
Thickness 1 Dot Size 5
Crosshair Length 12 Dot Opacity 100

Player's Highlights

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