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The Verona Pro offers a level of class that is above the price range that it is set at. While it isn’t cheap (see lowest price), it does manage to remain in the mid-level price range that a lot of chairs reside. The features that the Verona Pro offer do ensure that it offers high price range offerings at a mid-range price.


Arozzi Verona Pro Full Review

Gaming chairs are becoming a mainstay in terms of vital equipment for gamers. Why though? What’s changed that means an office chair or even the sofa isn’t good enough anymore? The main factor is that people are more in tune with what is and isn’t good for their body now. They know that an office chair doesn’t offer the right levels of support for a long stint gaming, and they certainly know that slouching on a sofa won’t offer the right level of lumbar support. There is one company that is taking this to the next level though.

Arozzi is that company. The Verona Pro from Arozzi is a special gaming chair for one main reason. They have used what they have learned from creating other chairs and put all of the best features into the Verona Pro. So what exactly does the Verona Pro include that sets it apart from other chairs on the market? Can it offer an improvement on their other models?



One of the first, and most important, features that the Verona Pro includes is the ability to adjust almost every aspect of it. This takes into account that every gamer is different, so having a rigid, one position fits all chair just isn’t going to cut it. What does being able to adjust almost every aspect mean though?



The backrest has two features that are adjustable. The first is the general position that the backrest takes up. The angle of the backrest can be changed with the use of a lever on the side of the chair. This allows the user to set the chair to whatever level they need to ensure that they have the requisite amount of comfort. There are a number of different angles that the backrest can be set at, which means that any gamer will be able to get comfortable without any worries.

The backrest also has a rocking feature, which allows players to rock back and forth slightly while they are playing. The Verona Pro also has a resistance wheel to either increase or decrease the amount of pushing back that is required to rock the Verona Pro. This allows players who want the chair to remain rigid that opportunity without taking away the rocking function from players who want it.

The Verona Pro is also reinforced to make sure that there are no dangers of the back falling off when gamers lean back, which is a vital feature. While most players won’t require the almost full extension that the Verona Pro offers, it is still a good choice from Arozzi to offer it.


Height Adjustment

The height adjustment is a vital component when it comes to gaming chairs, and the Verona Pro ensures that players have the ability to do so. The class 4 gas powered cylinder means that players can not only move the height of the chair to whatever level they feel comfortable with and it has the strength to hold the position without worries of it dropping down. The lever is strong and well placed, it is easy to find without having the worry of hitting it by accident. All of this works together to make sure that the height adjustment on the Verona Pro doesn’t let gamers don’t at a vital moment.



The armrest for the Verona Pro is also fully adjustable. This is an underrated feature in the majority of chairs. The arms of chairs tend to be static and often get in the way if they are not placed in the correct position. The Verona Pro alleviates this problem by making the armrests adjustable. They can be moved up or down, depending on where the user would prefer them and the armrests will then not be a hindrance when gaming. It may seem like a superfluous addition but to anyone who has been impeded by a stray armrest in the past, this is a vital feature.


Lumbar Support

The Verona Pro offers an adjustable lumbar support cushion that adds a level of ergonomic design to it. The cushion itself is remarkably comfortable for something that manages to maintain shape even after hours of use. This is vitally important, as lumbar support must retain comfort as well as support, otherwise sitting in the chair isn’t a pleasant experience.

Lumbar support being included on the Verona Pro also makes sure that the chair is ergonomic. If a chair isn’t ergonomically sound then there is a good chance that it will cause damage to the users back over time, this is obviously not a good thing. The Verona Pro makes sure that this isn’t an issue.


Head Support

The Verona Pro also includes an adjustable head support pillow. While this isn’t as vital as the lumbar support it’s still a welcome addition. The head support pillow is just as comfortable, while still being durable, as the lumbar support pillow. The head support pillow can easily be moved to exactly the right spot. This means that you can place it directly behind your head, or behind your neck. If you’re feeling extra crazy you can even put it between your shoulder blades to add a double whammy of back support.



The chair itself is incredibly comfortable. The cushion on the chair is as soft as anything but retains its shape over time. The Pleather covering also offers an excellent experience, although it isn’t as durable as a real leather upholstery would be. This means that there is a slight trade-off. Arozzi have managed to offer an extremely comfortable seat but it will wear down over time. The one positive about the Pleather covering is that it is incredibly easy to wipe down if you spill a drink or yoghurt on it.



Adjustable seat height 51 – 57 cm or 20.1-22.4 inches
Chair height 133 – 139 cm or 52.4-54.7 inches
Seat inner width 38 cm or 15”
Seat depth 53 cm or 20.9″
Backrest height 82 cm or 32.3″
Upper backrest inner width 47 cm or 18.5”
Weight Capacity 130kg or 290 lbs.
Netto Weight 22kg or 48.5 lbs
Gross Weight 26kg or 57.3 lbs
Gas Lift Class-4



The Omega 2018 by Secret Lab offers a similar experience to the Verona Pro, at a similar price. The Omega 2018 has almost the same amount of backrest recline capabilities as the Verona Pro, but it doesn’t have the ability to rock the chair. This means it offers a similar level of comfort yet not quite at the same level.

The armrests for the Verona Pro don’t manage to live up to what the Omega 2018 offer though. The Omega 2018 has 4-D armrests. The Omega 2018’s armrests can be adjusted in 4 different directions to offer unprecedented levels of comfort. This is a step up in class from what the Verona Pro offers.

The headrest and lumbar support for the Omega 2018 are offered to a similar level as the Verona Pro. While they are just as comfortable and the velour upholstery is even softer than the Pleather that the Verona Pro. However, the Omega 2018 doesn’t have a connected track like the Verona Pro does. This means that it’s sometimes difficult to keep the supports in the right position. This can reduce comfort and support levels.



Excellent levels of comfort
The lumbar support means it is extremely ergonomic
The ability to adjust the backrest, height and armrests mean that the Verona Pro can be fully customised to every different user.


It can be difficult to put together when it first comes out of the box
The leather doesn’t offer a high level of durability



The Verona Pro is extremely comfortable and it won’t begin to feel as though it is hardening over time. The cushions are soft but also maintain their shape over time. The Verona Pro chair provides exactly what is required from a gaming chair. This is because most gamers often like to sit down for marathon sessions. The Verona Pro’s leather covering does add to this comfort as it is very soft, but as has been mentioned it doesn’t have the durability of real leather.

Overall, if you’re thinking of investing in a new gaming chair the Verona Pro is an excellent choice. It also comes in on a mid range budget, which makes it more appealing. The Verona Pro doesn’t quite measure up to some of the top of the range models on the market. Top of the range chairs may be out of reach but it does offer an experience that is equal to or better than almost every other mid-range chair around. It has taken all of the best features of other Arozzi chairs and put them all together. This makes the Verona Pro an excellent quality chair.
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