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DrLupo is a partnered twitch streamer and one of the platform’s biggest stars. Dr Lupo’s rise to fame can be attributed to his entertaining Fortnite streams, Charming personality and phenomenal skill. DrLupo is also associated with Twitch megastar Ninja and he even co-hosted his recent event “Ninja vegas 2018” You can catch Dr Lupo on his stream, Youtube and twitter following the links to your left.


DrLupo's Gear




Razer DeathAdder Elite


Logitech G840


CM Storm QuickFire Rapid – Tenkeyless


Blue Ella

Mouse Settings

DPI: 800 Mouse ADS Sensitivity: 50
EDPI: 3200 Mouse Scope Sensitivity: 50
Polling Rate: 1000Hz Controller ADS Sensitivity: 0.65
Mouse Sensitivity: 0.04 Controller Scope Sensitivity: 0.65
Controller Sensitivity X: 50 Toggle Sprint: OFF
Controller Sensitivity Y: 50 Reset Building Chice: OFF

Display Settings

Window Mode: Fullscreen Textures: Epic
Display Resolution: 2560 x 1440 Effects: Epic
Frame Rate Limit: Unlimited Post Processing: Epic
3D Resolution: 100% VSync: OFF
View Distance: Epic Motion Blur: OFF
Shadows: OFF Show Grass: OFF
Anti-Aliasing: OFF Show FPS: ON

Equipment Analysis

DrLupo’s Mouse – DrLupo chose the iconic DeathAdder Elite as his weapon of choice. The DeathAdder Elite is one of the most popular mice among professional gamers and Razer’s best Esports mouse to date. The DeathAdder Elite features an optical Razer sensor, Omron switches and full RGB Lightning.

DrLupo’s Mousepad – DrLupo chose the Logitech G840 XL as his mouse-pad of choice. The G840 is one of the best mousepads in the world and the most expensive mousepad we have ever owned. With that being said the G840 is magical and its cloth surface allows for extraordinary aim.

DrLupo’s Keyboard – DrLupo is using the CM Storm QuickFire Rapid keyboard. This keyboard is manufactured by legendary case manufacturer Cooler master (CM) which recently started a gaming peripheral line. From personal experience we can tell you that the CM Storm is a great keyboard and the perfect choice for Fortnite players.

DrLupo’s Headset – One of the most expensive pieces of hardware in Lupo’s arsenal is the Blue Ella headphones. These headphones are adored by the audiophile community and they even feature a built in headphone AMP! Using these headphones probably gives DrLupo an unfair advantage as he can spot enemies easier than ever before.

DrLupo’s Monitor – As you probably already know pro gamers almost always use ROG or BenQ monitors and we are not surprised Dr Lupo chose the ASUS ROG SWIFT PG279Q as his monitor of choice. Sure its one of the most expensive monitors in the market but its specs and performance blow the competition out of the water!

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